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Jan. 6th, 2010

I'll Never Let You Go

Today I was going through my itunes when I saw a movie I had that someone who I'm not in touch with anymore had recommended to me. I saw music others who aren't in my life anymore had given me. I looked around my room and saw books, pictures, stickers, ticket stubs, lots of little things from different people I've known, some just passing through, some I've known for what seems like forever.

The point is, I guess, everyone you meet affects you.

Nov. 21st, 2009

I Don't Care

I feel like sharing.

Due to the extraordinary lack of hot water at the apartment, today was the first day in a least a week I've had a chance to properly shave my legs. It felt fucking WONDERFUL. I will never be one of those people that just let their leg hair grow. It's just gross feeling and looking.

That is all.

Oct. 27th, 2009

Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.

Gotta love Bruce.

Okay here's how my blog life is working
Twitter- for random stupid thoughts during the day.
Tumblr- Mostly thoughts too long for twitter and pictures and shit I like
LJ- When I actually have things I want to write about

These days it's twitter. I'm busy with school, I can't believe there's only three weeks til the end of the quarter! But good things are happening, too. I've started to break out of my "Stay home and do homework and have no fun on weekdays" rut. I've actually gone out on weeknights! And I had fun! And I still got my homework done! And I was at a bar and didn't hate it! Basically, I am now okay with bars. Good thing, too, Soon I'll have to get a job and start paying for everything myself. I should appreciate this last year of financial dependence and no real responsibility.

For halloween I am going as Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes. I got the perfect shirt and now all I need to find is my stuffed tiger to carry around for hobbes. I'm kind of picky so this is actually kind of hard. Also, I took the plunge and went all blonde. I think I'll need to get the color tweaked soon but either way not having dark roots or sections of hair is freaking me out a little.

Anyway, for those of you who aren't awesome and read comics, this is calvin and hobbes:

Sep. 3rd, 2009

You Know The Rainy Days They Ain't So Bad When You're The King

It took all the fibers in my being to restrain myself from putting up a KOL video (I'm trying to stop the horrible obsession that has developed before I turn into a huge weirdo. Not that I'm not a weirdo already.) Anyways, this has been in my head, or a line of it since warped. I love it.

Ok, I cheated. The title is a KOL lyric.

Aug. 26th, 2009

we meet again...

Sooo i never finished the warped updates. Let me explain: I wrote this amazing, long, DETAILED blog talking about the last few days of warped. It was pretty sweet. Then livejournal lost it. I got very mad and said "screw it" and haven"t updated yet. If you want to know, I will be glad to tell you ALLLLL about it.

Since then, I've moved into the apartment! It's super cute. Ash and I are still working on it. The big news is we finally got our cable and internet set up! Yay! Up until today we've been watching movies every nice, which was actually very fun. Still, sooo stoked to be able to watch things online...and tv.

Today I went to visit jen at work. She works at belmont army. I got a cool western shirt and a yellow grandma sweater. I have no idea why but I've wanted a yellow grandma sweater since, like, 9th grade. Dreams really do come true!

Anyways, I just did this to show the world that, unlike many people, I have not forgotten about my livejournal! LJ FOREVER!

Jul. 6th, 2009

Eyes That Can Change From Blind To Blue

Today I went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum Of Science and Industry with Steven. It was pretty sweet. We got to pull up mandrakes (I tried to kill one, he was a tough little fucker), shoot quaffles into goals, and sit in Hagrid's chair, which was very comfortable. I also got to gaze upon the very robes worn by Oliver Wood. It was a good time and I got a chocolate frog with Dumbledore's trading card in it. After the exhibit Steven and I went and tried to go into the submarine and ride the flight simulator but the museum got all smart, they charge for everything and have started hyping it up. I remember when no one knew where the flight simulator was and you could ride it three times in a row and they didn't charge. Same with the submarine. We also got to see the fairy tale castle, which has always been my favorite along with the coal mine. That museum is so huge and hard to get around in we were dead by 3pm.

So I just got home and ate a sandwich. The new Paramore song is posted online. I really like it. Again, stepping up, not back. So now my list of most anticipated albums includes SYG, ETID, and Paramore. Oh, and TTNY and The Swellers are in there, too. Does PBC have new stuff coming soon, too? Whatever. Feeling happy.

Also, ATL has managed to make a video that doesn't suck. Sadly, Homegrown did it before and they're kind of hypocritical. Still, they're probably gonna blow up even more. Good for them, I'm guessing that's exactly what they want.

The 4th was Nik's birthday. Steven, Ashley, Nikki, Patrick, and I all had a really wonderful dinner. The food was delicious, Nikki got an extra dessert for being born, and we had some really fun conversations. After that we went to the fireworks which are always good. Steven lent me the 7th HP to read since my copy has been loaned out and I finished it in less than 24 hours. That is what happens when you're left alone in a house for a week and a half and can't drive. I think I've read three of the HP books in like, 10 days.

For now, I am bummed I'm missing No Doubt and the 16th, but Jenna, Gail, and I are gearing up for the road trip out east and I'm pretty psyched. I can't wait to see Gallows and Bayside play!

BTW, 1 month until I get my license back and 2 weeks until I'm 21!

I hope I get to watch MJ's memorial. Should be interesting.

Hope you're all having a lovely July cause I am!

Jun. 21st, 2009

Always Make You Smile

I can't even remember what I've done. Not having a job or any real responsibilities has kind of made the days run together. So let's start with recent happenings, shall we?

Yesterday was Nikki's grad party. It was fun. I ate soooo much cucumber dip. It was nice to have the old group back together. We reminisced about the past (Kira Peterson, you have no idea how much you've brought people together) and played badminton. I think I got a little too into badminton cause I'm sore today. Whatever, it was fun. Cheesecake was also quite awesome. It was a pretty perfect summer day.

Friday was the party at Samm and Heather's (I am aware there are other room mates, but I dunno, it was just them for a while and now I'm used to it!). It was fun. I wore a dress I really like, The drinks I had were yummy, there were cupcakes, and Ash, Steven and I got intensely academic when discussing millionaires. We went to PMU at 3am, as usual. I started a new tradition. I guess I'm addicted to drunk texting, but this time instead of being dumb I just texted a friend telling them how awesome they are. I'm not sure why but I figured everyone could use someone saying "you're an awesome person" every once in a while. Maybe I should start spreading the love more often.

Tuesday Cassandra, Steven, Nikki and I went shopping. I don't pretend to have any sense of style so it was awesome Cassandra helped me out. I got a lot of cute stuff. We also had a delicious dinner at cheesecake, including free cheesecake thanks to coupons. Makes me happy.

Tomorrow I should be meeting Jenna for lunch (yay!) and then taking metra for the first time by myself out to Nikki's and going with her and patrick to a loss for words in Wisconsin. It's going to be weird going to a smaller show for a band I don't know. I'm still excited just to be in a car and going out of state! Wednesday is a meeting for RSS. Thursday a bunch of us might be heading out to six flags (yippee! except i think it might be raining. whatever.) Saturday I will hopefully at least be half way moved in to the new apartment and then going with Ash to see kidnap at the metro. I'm happy to have a lot to do this week!

P.S. I got my grades, 1 A and 3 B's. Pretty good! Sad I JUST missed making Dean's list, but no C's! I'm pretty excited about that.

Jun. 17th, 2009

Sit and Sink

I told Nikki the graduate was stuck in my head ever since we went to the show (which was a good time).

It's actually starting to feel like summer. I've been a little down lately but I figure it's still only the first week of summer for me and there are many, many, possibilities in future for great things.

I feel this journal has started to sound self-help-y, all this stuff about thinking positive and such. To combat this I will now express my desire to see the hangover before it leaves theaters, go to the zoo, harry potter exhibit, and six flags. And rise against at summerfest. Lets see how I do this. Public transportation, I feel we are going to become very good friends in the near future.

Jun. 9th, 2009

Dismantle. Repair.

Last post was depressing, yet quite cathartic. I figure after i finish up finals I will politely reply to him. One problem at a time. That seems to be becoming my mantra lately.

Also on the plate:
1 more final (online taken anytime before friday)
2 assignments to boost my grade last minute (also anytime before friday)
Trying to get the apartment floor fixed
Setting up cable and internet at the apt so Ash doesn't die of boredom
Driving withdrawals are becoming a bitch
Moving shit
Moving on (Since someone else has. This is very up and down for me. I'm not a fan. I like stability.)

Actually, I guess that's it. Not so bad, really. One thing at a time. I figure this is a temporary downturn. Things always get better. I don't understand the concept of people who think they have nothing. Unless you have no friends, money, family, health, or a place to live at the same time, I think you have something or are able to work for something.

Shit can be tough. Just keep on going and something great will happen. So, to balance out the list of problems, the list of things to look forward to:
Sunshine (it's got to be coming soon!)
Six flags
Harry Potter exhibit
exploring the new neighborhood with Ashley
Summer and time for friends
Shopping (sad, but it really does cheer me up sometimes)
Road trips
Basically seeing friends again since I've limited my going out time the past couple weeks.

Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.
Seriously, with all the weird problems I've had in my life, that mindset has helped me so much. Sometimes I just need to remember.

Jun. 2nd, 2009

You should've seen that sunrise with your own eyes

Long time, no update. Or something.

Lets see, my last final is officially due next friday, but I plan to be done around the 11th. Shortly after that I plan on moving full time into the southport apartment. Bring on summer. It really is remarkable how much warm weather and sunshine improves my mood and just about everything else.

So what else is going on?
Still sucking at school but environmental science is finally done with. Tomorrow I officially end Media Studies.
TTNY posted a new song, I really like it.
I had a dream that involved people twittering. I think that means I should cut back on that site.
I'm really getting into gmail.
Tomorrow marks 1 month without a drivers license and the withdrawals are starting. PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

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